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Paying for Care

For families who might not have access to Veterans Benefits or LTC Insurance, there are other options to help pay for care.


Long Term Care Insurance

LTC helps pay for costs that private medical insurance does not cover, and minimizes the financial impact of long-term healthcare needs.


Veterans Benefits

If you are a veteran, you might qualify for the Veterans Aid & Attendance program through the VA that can help pay for in-home care services.


Our Payment System

Have questions about invoicing or payment processing with American In-Home Care? Read through these frequently asked questions.

Reverse Mortgage

Taking a reverse mortgage out on a home allows the homeowner to receive liquid cash from the value of their home, without having to move out of the home.

Life Settlement Option

Life Settlement Option

In-home care services are largely provided through private payment however there are other options. For example, life settlement is the sale of one's life insurance policy to a third party, for a one-time cash payout.

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