Get Away From It All Together! Vacation Tips for Older Loved Ones

Remember those golden summer vacations from your childhood? The ones filled with endless days at the beach, laughter-filled picnics, and long car rides with your family singing along to classic songs? Those days shaped some of your happiest memories and deepened your bond with your parents. As they grow older, why not recreate that sense of joy and create some new summer vacation memories? These vacation tips for older loved ones will help ensure everyone is comfortable, safe, and ready to enjoy quality time together.

  • Involve Them in the Planning. A great way to ensure older family members have an enjoyable vacation is to involve them in planning. Inquire about their preferences, interests, and places they would like to visit. This approach not only makes them feel valued but also helps to identify activities that are suitable for seniors. For example, a leisurely walk through a scenic park or a trip to a museum with ample seating can provide enjoyable experiences for everyone, regardless of their energy or mobility levels.
  • Consider Their Comfort. Traveling with an older adult involves additional logistical considerations, especially for comfort and mobility. Select accommodations that are easily accessible and avoid locations with long walks or steep stairs. If an older family member uses a walker or wheelchair, ensure that the places you visit are compatible with their needs. Researching and booking accessible transportation options ahead of time can also alleviate a lot of stress during the trip.
  • Plan for Rest and Downtime. While it’s tempting to pack your itinerary with back-to-back activities, older adults may prefer having some downtime to rest and recharge. This could mean planning a quiet afternoon at a nearby cafe or scheduling time at the hotel for a nap while the rest of the family enjoys the pool. Respect their need for a slower pace and ensure that the trip balances activity and relaxation.
  • Stay Hydrated and Prepared for the Weather. Summer heat can be particularly challenging for older adults, making hydration and protection from the sun essential. Always carry water bottles with you and encourage everyone to drink regularly. Pack protective gear such as hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and try to schedule outdoor activities during cooler parts of the day. If extreme heat is expected, consider indoor activities that will keep everyone cool and comfortable.
  • Keep Medication and Health Needs in Mind. Managing medications and health needs is crucial when traveling with an older adult. Organize and pack all necessary medications, ensuring you have enough for the duration of the trip, plus some extra in case of delays. Keep a list of their medications and any important health information handy, and be aware of the locations of healthcare facilities near your vacation spot.
  • Stay Flexible. Even with thorough planning, adapting and being flexible is often part of traveling with an older family member. Be prepared to modify your plans based on how an older loved one is feeling on a given day. Listening to their needs and being willing to adjust activities ensures that everyone has a positive experience. After all, the goal is to create happy memories together, not to stick rigidly to a schedule.
  • Capture the Moments. Finally, make sure to take lots of photos and perhaps keep a journal of your travels. These souvenirs will help everyone remember the wonderful times you had together. Older family members often cherish these shared experiences and the memories they create far beyond any physical souvenirs.

A referred care provider from CareTime, American, Advocate, or Whitsyms In-Home Care can provide additional vacation tips for older adults and help ensure they’re also prepared for the trip. Also, the care provider can travel with you if you’d like to ensure your older family member’s needs are fully met throughout your vacation. Contact us today or click the link to the location nearest you below to learn more:

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